We regularly conduct workshops and meetups to enhance skills of young men and women. We emphasize on enhancing their technological skills by providing them short term training on advanced digital technologies. So far we have impacted the life of more than 5000 people with the help of 50 trainers/mentors. Our idea is to boost their technical skills to help them grow in their respective careers.

How we do ?

We regularly conduct and organize meetups and week-end workshops on specific skill related topics for interested candidates. Such skill workshops are generally attended by freshers, startups and intermediates and trained by industry experts. These workshops are meant for the person who are doing job or looking for one.

What impact we create ?

The most impacted section is the middle level income group which is also the largest in India. Considerable growth in terms of per household income is observed. Increase in skill set and income directly impacts the GDP of the country when considered as a whole. Our initiatives are targeted towards India’s 300 million middle income group. Community-wide growth is observed as trainers and trainees gain simultaneously in an exchange of knowledge and skill that help them in personal growth and creates a network of like-minded people.