In early 2017, I did a digital awareness campaign with my team which was featured in ICANN’s ASIA PACIFIC (APAC) REGIONAL NEWSLETTER April 2017. In this awareness program, we did a road trip of 20000 kms from Delhi to Kashmir to Kanyakumari and then back to Delhi. This 2 months long digital awareness road trip was teamed by me (Jay Paudyal – Founder Genlish Foundation), Kapil Anand (Founder IIPDS), Pawan Kumar (Traveler and Blogger), Yogesh Mankani (Tech Blogger), Sai Ramesh (Blogger), Vinay Mehra (Filmmaker), Sachin Bhardwaj (Photographer) and led by Kapil Anand.

How we did ?

En-route, we conducted more than 100 meetups and workshops including one-on-one-sessions in various schools, colleges and small institutes in rural areas, semi-urbans and big cities. Our workshops used to be full of knowledge and hands-on experience on using digital payments, using e-governance services, finding information on Internet etc. In schools and colleges we also showed young men and women the various Internet based career opportunities and options that are available after or with academics.

What impact we created ?

We became a larger community of few thousand members and of them few hundreds benefited from our guidance and support and made a career in Internet. They are now spreading the same knowledge and their own experiences to other people, thus building a larger stronger community of digitally aware and able citizens. Many community leaders followed our footprints and replicated similar road trips for different growth agendas. We had been covered by many mainstream digital, electronics & print media and radio which impacted millions of people in India and outside.