We organize weekly meet ups and training programs to educate people from various backgrounds. Under the Digital Skill program we arrange regular meet ups to train and spread awareness about Digital skills.

We also co-organized the All India Digital Skill Mission which comprised of a group of 6 digital entrepreneurs, trainers, bloggers, camera enthusiasts with a passion to enlighten our Country in the art of Digital Literacy. We travelled 20,000 KMs by road from Kashmir to Kanyakumari then back to Delhi, covering different states and cities of the country. Enroute, we conducted practical Digital Literacy workshops and seminars in Kendriya Vidyalayas, Govt. and private colleges, schools, and other community institutions. We trained people for internet-based career opportunities in the field of Blogging, Digital Marketing, YouTube, Social Media, E-commerce, social media and freelancing etc.

Weekly training programs are organized under our project “Help the Helpers”. In Delhi/NCR, we provide English training program where we educate peons, office boys and maids by teaching them basic vocabulary and prominent phrases in English, so that they do not feel embarrassed or inferior when their bosses or seniors use these important phrases or words in daily conversation like Specs, Regular, Breaks, Saline, Chilled, Turmeric etc. We try to improve their life by improving their English language skills for survival and confidence.

Language Literacy ProgramDigital Literacy ProgramSkill Based TrainingRoad travel of 20000 kms to spread digital literacy across India