We conduct free short and mid-term training programs on English language and digital education for lower income employees and unemployed people in our region to improve their social and professional life. Our programs enable them to use Internet and other digital medium to grow economically and socially. We generally conduct week-end programs for domestic helps, drivers, small vendors and other low skilled blue collar employees. This way we include more people into digital arena.

How we do ?

We conduct informal and formal meetups and short term workshops to enhance or to educate blue collar workers about English language. Our first introductory session makes them aware of the importance of English in our daily life. We further impart knowledge to them on how to use Internet constructively to increase and enhance their income opportunities. We realise that lack of information is a major hindrance in personal growth of weaker section of the society and our initiatives are designed to lessen that gap.

What impact we create?

Socio-economic growth of trainee, boosted confidence, better personal relationship, enhanced IQ and decision making capability.
All these skills and the intended impact at the micro level can play a significant role in the growth of country’s economy at large.